Julian     Modern     Event
0000     4713BC     Alpha (beginning)
0100     4613BC     end 1st day creation (the evening and the morning)
0200     4513BC     end 2nd day creation
0300     4413BC     end 3rd day creation
0400     4313BC     end 4th day creation
0500     4213BC     end 5th day creation
0600     4113BC     end 6th day creation
0700     4013BC     end day of God's rest; life breathed into Adam
0724     3989BC     fall from Eden; begin 1st day new creation
1322     3391BC     Enoch born
1387     3326BC     Methuselah born
1630     3083BC     Adam dies
1687     3026BC     God takes Enoch
1724     2989BC     begin 2nd day new creation
1756     2957BC     Noah born
2259     2454BC     Shem born to Noah
2356     2357BC     Methuselah dies; Noah 600 years old; flood begins


Julian    Modern     Event
2357     2356BC     flood waters dried
2458     2255BC     Peleg born (in his days the earth was divided)
2649     2064BC     Abram born
2706     2007BC     Noah dies
2724     1989BC     begin 3rd day new creation
2859     1854BC     Shem dies
3724     989BC       begin 4th day new creation
4724     12AD         begin 5th day new creation; Jesus alive now
5724     1012AD     begin 6th day new creation
6660     1948AD     antichrist born as *Derek* in Figueras, Spain;
                               eventually assumes identity of *Hamath* (Hamas)
6724     2012AD     begins the Millennium of peace, the 7th day of
                               God's rest; Satan bound.
7724     3012AD     Satan released, his "little season" - 276 years
                               - and a new antichrist, a woman named Teres(a){?},
                               starts an "Empire"
7901     3189AD     end of "Empire", on-slaught of Gog & Magog
7980     3268AD     end of full Julian period; begin final judgment?
8000     3288AD     OMEGA;END OF AGE

The preceding is my own research and is now copyrighted.
Anyone is free to test the dates, or discuss them, but I ask that
everyone respect my original work - Bob Ireland

The Julian Calendar, the foundation of the civil calendar now in use throughout the world, was derived from the Roman republican calendar by order of Julius Caesar in 45 B.C. It marked the end of the lunar calendar in the Roman world. Romans were so happy with this reform that they renamed the month of Quintilis as July.

Now, here is a mystery - of the historical type. Regarding the Julian Period, it is said that it was fabricated by Joseph Scaliger in1582; reportedly he wished to create a calendar cycle long enough to incorporate all the significant historical events possible. By factoring a formula made up of the lunar cycle, the solar cycle and the ancient Roman indication cycle, he derived the product of 7,980 years, during which no two years could be expressed by the same number in all three cycles. It is said that Scaliger arbitrarily picked the year 4713 B.C. as the beginning of the current Julian Period.

IF THAT IS SO - That Scaliger arbitrarily chose the year 4713 B.C. - THEN SCEPTICS MUST CREDIT NOSTRADAMUS WITH TRUE PROPHETIC SKILL; because Nostradamus gives this figure [in scrambled form] in his Epistle to King Henry II at the end:

This calculation of mine [from creation to the birth of Jesus Christ], collected from the Holy Writ, comes to about 4,173 years and 8 months, more or less... [published 1568 A.D., two years after his death.]
The correlation of these two numbers - 4713 and 4173 - is hard to ignore. Further proof of this correlation is stated by Nostradamus a few lines earlier in the Epistle; it reads:

I count the years from creation of the world to the birth of Noah as 1,506.

Referring to my calendar above, subtracting the 700 years attributed to the seven days of creation yields 1,056. Again Nostradamus obscures the truth: 1,506 and 1,056.

It must also be mentioned in compiling the calendar above that, referring to the 'modern' calendar, there is no year '0', therefore one year is lost in the calculations.

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