J.R.R. Tolkien    'LORD' of the 'Rings'

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     Glyph Web     The Encyclopedia of Arda, by Mark Fisher; comprehensive; delightful; an
                        excellent companion to this 'Dictionary'

     One Ring Net     The One Ring Net; pleasant visuals, news and information, collectibles...
                         a fan's cornucopia

     The Lord of the     The Lord of the; movie notes, news, forums; lots of stuff for fans

     Gollum-Online     Gollum-Online; not only information about Gollum, but some good 'Links'

     Exeter College      The Tolkien Society, for lovers of Tolkien lore - and Anglophiles [like this

     The Best of Tolkien on the Web      The Best of Tolkien on the Web, a site dedicated to the scholarly and artistic
                          aspects of the followers of the Tolkien magnum opus on the web... LINKS!

     My Precious      My; a pot pourri of Tolkien things with some charmingly
                         engaging animated graphics

The Barrow Downs      The Barrow Downs; things Hobbit, things Tolkien, sales, forums

     Official Movie Site      The Fellowship of the Ring official movie site

     Tolkien movie site      Tolkien

      LOTR Fan Club       Lord of the Rings Fan club

Lord of the Rings Fanatics - Links        Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza and their  (links) Directory Page
                                      and their main  Home Page - - Guided Tours of Middle-Earth, Art
                                      Collections, Sound clips, Merchandise Shop, Forum and Community

Tolkien Library      A Tolkien Library, an excellent bibliography of Books by and about J.R.R. Tolkien

       Tolkien Gateway, an ambitious project to create an encyclopedia and a forum;
             this site allows viewers to submit pages covering listed Tolkien subjects

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